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IPCCA-Listing of all positions Secretariat Staff

International Coordinator - Alejandro Argumedo

Alejandro Argumedo is founder and International Coordinator of the IPCCA, as well as the Associate Director of the Quechua-Aymara Association for Sustainable Livelihoods, ANDES , a Cuzco-based indigenous peoples’ non-governmental organization working to protect and develop indigenous peoples’ Bio cultural Heritage. He is an Associate Researcher of the International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED) of London, England. He is the international coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples’ Biodiversity Network (IPBN), a global coalition of indigenous peoples working towards the shared goals of protecting and nurturing biodiversity and protecting their bio-cultural innovations and intellectual property.

Secretariat Coordinator - Lucy Stanus

Complimenting this position is the Secretariat Coordinator who is in charge of institutional development as well as the coordination and management of and support to Local Assessments and Working Groups. Our new Secretariat Coordinator is Lucy Stanus. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International studies with a concentration in Social Justice from Virginia Commonwealth University. During her academic career, she was actively involved as a student leader in various drug policy and local environmental advocacy campaigns. She has previously worked as an Administrative Intern for the Center for Justice and International Law, as well as an English Teacher in rural Chile under the UN Development Program. Recently, she has been certified as having an upper-intermediate level of Spanish. 

Knowledge Manager - Brianne Selman

Another key position which has been filled at the Secretariat is that of Knowledge Management Coordinator. This person will assist the Local Assessments by synthesizing their findings as well as providing platforms for information to be as easily accessible as possible to all LAs. The new staff member will also provide greater institutional capacity for the IPCCA Secretariat. This position is being fill by Brianne Selman, who has a varied educational background in International Development and the Social Sciences, as well as Information Sciences and Knowledge Management. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Honors (Sociology and International Development Studies), from Queen's University in 2002, a Masters in Culture, Globalisation and The City (Sociology) from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2006, and most recently a Masters of Library and Information Sciences from McGill University, Montreal, 2011, specializing in the Knowledge Management stream. She has worked internationally in a variety of capacities, including Taxonomy Design and Knowledge Management strategising for the Convention on Biological Diversity, and assistance with Taxonomy and Knowledge Base design for the Inter American Development Bank.

 Communications Coordinator - Marc Griebel

All of this activity demands clear communications and advocacy on a multitude of scales in order to allow the work and vision of the IPCCA to have a lasting effect in international and intergovernmental fora. In order to accomplish this Marc Griebel has been hired as Communications Coordinator.Marc is a Canadian citizen, who holds a Master of Arts in Communications and Culture from York University. For this scholarship he focused on the repatriation of bio cultural heritage at the Potato Park. Since January 2013 he has been working as the Communications Coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples Bio cultural Climate Change Assessment Initiative.


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